What is The Edwin Project?

I am reviewing every single story published in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction between the years of 1949 and 1959.Will these stories, which were among the best being published at that time, hold up to modern audiences? How have they changed over the years? I’ll look through a lot of lenses, including the changes in technology, the kinds of social anxieties that serve as villains, the treatment of female characters and LGBTQIA characters (if they even exist), and just plain old quality of writing. I hope to uncover some forgotten gems and bring to light authors who deserve to be remembered.

Why would you do that?

My grandfather, Edwin Kaplan, was a lifelong fan of science fiction and fantasy. He passed that love on to my father, my bother, and me. When my grandfather passed away, my parents gave me his collection of Science Fiction and Fantasy magazines. He had every single issue from 1949 to 1959. I thought for a long time about what to do with these journals. Obviously, I wanted to read them, but that didn’t seem like enough. Eventually, I came up with the idea for this blog! And the rest is history.

What is The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction?

The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction is just what it claims to be, a magazine that publishes Fantasy and Science Fiction short stories. It was founded in 1949, and publishes bi-monthly issues to this day! Check it out here!

Who are you?

My name is Zoe Kaplan, and I’m a college student from the United States. I major in English, concentrating in creative writing, with minors in Linguistics and Gender, Women’s, and Sexuality studies. I love the hell out of fantasy and science fiction, contemporary and classic, and hope to one day write it myself. (I mean, I do write it myself, but one day I’d like to make money at it. Yaknow.)